Reconnect with your body, your wisdom, and your sisters.

Right now you might be feeling the tug of work, family, daily obligations, and the need to care for the ones you love.

Creating space just for you might sound like a far-fetched dream.

I get it!

I’m right there with you.

As a mother, wife, daughter, friend, student, and teacher, I too know the challenge of reclaiming time.

Did you know that approximately twice as many women experience depression than men? Did you know that part of this is due to our work overload? Work overload is the way women tend to shoulder the domestic responsibilities of child rearing, household maintenance, caring for older generations, family planning, and a job outside of the home.

As our to-do list grows, we speed up to keep up.

Our nervous systems go into overdrive, and our ability to hear the very wise messages of the body diminishes.

As my friend Amber Lilyestrom says:

“Look for the feathers. Don’t wait for the Mack truck!”

And what she means is that the Universe and our bodies speak to us in whispers (feathers). When we don’t listen, they start to speak louder in the form of injuries and illness, and then scream in the form of everything falling apart (Mack truck).

So let me ask you, are you ready to:

  • Reclaim time?
  • Slow down
  • Get to know your astounding self?
  • Hear the wisdom of your body?
  • Be in a room full of Goddess on the same journey?

Make honoring your time and desires a non-negotiable, sacred practice.

What is Tools of Gold for the Embodied Feminine?

Tools of Gold for The Embodied Feminine is here to help you reconnect with your body, your wisdom, and your sisters.

  • You’ll learn daily practices that help you see, feel, and speak with more clarity.
  • You’ll begin to undo old patterns in your body and make space for connection and healing.
  • We’ll discuss recent scientific studies and practices as well as ancient scriptures and modalities.
  • We’ll explore connective tissue, muscles, and joints as well as the meridians and the energy/emotion centers called chakras.
  • We’ll examine posture and breath and how they reflect and shift biochemistry (how you feel, see the world, and express yourself).

Once you’re in communication with your body, you’ll begin to co-create your physical and emotional reality.

You’ll be clear on what it is you desire and how to step into it.

We choose to be an active participant in how we age, relate to people, and the depth of our joy. You’ve seen it before:

  • Some people stiffen with resentment, frozen desires, locked up emotions and poor physiological patterning.
  • Others learn how to adjust and soften, to speak truth, to forgive, ask for help, and stay curious and engaged in activities that make them feel alive.

I choose to adjust, soften, forgive, ask for help and feel alive therefore I commit myself to these practices:

  • Making time for movement, reflective study, community, personal time, and honoring my soul’s desires.

One Sunday a month we’ll gather from 10-4:30. We’ll dive deep while still having time on both ends of the day. We’ll focus entirely on learning to listen to your body through science, journaling, meditation, yoga, and breathwork.

Who will be guiding this training?

My name is Sarah Tangredi, I’m a mama, an evolving partner, a yoga educator, and a devoted disciple of the intelligent body. I believe that body/mind practices present transformative opportunities by bringing awareness to subconscious mental and physical patterns through inquiry, observation, and play.

I’ve worked with high-level professional athletes looking for regeneration and balance, I’ve helped CEOs gain clarity and mobility, and I’ve guided people in chronic pain to emotionally and physically re-calibrate so that they can step into the lives that they thought were intangible dreams.

I’ve been teaching 100-hour Experiential Yoga Anatomy courses internationally since 2010 and Tools of Gold for Yoga Teachers since 2013.

Official Bio

I was a two-time academic all-American (meaning I was a pretty good geeky lacrosse player). My senior project looked at sport psychology of youth athletes using Western psychology and Eastern methodology (yoga, meditation, Taoist philosophy) to help gain a mental edge. I went on to be the Director of Research and Development at BlueStreak Sport Training. Here I became highly skilled in understanding how the nervous system relates to performance, proprioception, flexibility, balance, and reflexes. I received an AR Level 3 certificate and trained other trainers in Athletic Republic’s science-based programs on over-speed training, gait analysis, and agility.

I served as a presenter at the AR National Conference, was featured in Accelerate Magazine, and published 4 articles in US Lacrosse Magazine. Athletic Republic recruited me to co-teach their education program for facility directors and interns across the country. I created manuals on gait analysis, posture, and basic anatomy and physiology and presented with John Frappier, AR founder and head physiologist on speed development and performance enhancement.

I received my 200-hour yoga training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica in 2005. By early 2007, I completed my 500- hour certification with additional hours and certifications in Pranassage™, Advanced Teacher Training, and Yoga for Athletes. In 2008 I began running a busy private yoga business doing all one-on-one sessions. By 2009 I was registered as an E-RYT 500 with over 2,000 hours of teaching experience. Since 2010, I have been teaching 100hr, 50hr, and weekend-long anatomy teacher trainings in the US, Costa Rica, and Norway.

My studies include certificates with the Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology (CHEK) Institute with certifications as a Holistic Life Coach and Exercise Coach. I have also received training from the Titleist Performance Institute on the biomechanics of the golf swing and how to apply yoga to help create an efficient pain-free game. I studied Energy Kinesiology at the International College of Healing Arts to better understand the way our outer and inner environments affect our muscle patterns and overall health. I’ve spent many one-on-one hours with doctors and physical therapists to learn techniques and methodologies that can be applied to the yoga context.

My biggest influences in yoga have been Amba Stapleton and Don Stapleton, PhD in the areas of transformational teaching, yoga therapeutics, self-inquiry, and the multi-dimensional being; Mitchel Bleier for yoga therapeutics and effective teaching; David Whyte and Carl Jung for symbolic life philosophy; Tom Myers’ work in fascia tensegrity; Alexander Lowen on Bioenergetics; Thomas Hanna on Somatics, Amy Cuddy and Candace Pert on the emotional body, and the Amrit Institute for Yoga Nidra. I’ve also studied Consciousness Studies at the master’s level with a focus on anatomy, physiology, psychology, and spirituality at Goddard College.

I’ve followed my heart and broken free 100 scary and empowering times to stay true to myself. I’ve helped hundreds of people find space and support in their lives and bodies. This is my work. To be honest, I do it well. I do it with heart. And I guide my courses as an eternally curious and humble student.


In Tools of Gold for the Feminine, you will:

  • FOCUS ON YOU: 1 day out of the month from September to June.
  • GATHER & CONNECT: Be with amazing women in a sacred space.
  • UNDERSTAND YOURSELF AS A DYNAMIC HUMAN BEING: Learn the yogic and scientific perspectives on how your body, energy, mind, consciousness, and highest self are intertwined, why that matters, and how it will affect the way you move and breathe.
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH THE BREATH: Walk away with morning, midday, and evening breath practices, as well as a practice to aid with grief, low energy, anxiety, prepping for movement, and recovery.
  • BE GRATEFUL: Fall in love with what’s already there and the way you give and receive.
  • FASCINATED WITH FASCIA: We’ll learn what fascia is and how to nourish it.
  • RECLAIM YOUR ENERGY: What is it? How do we accumulate or lose it? We’ll explore science, meridians, and chakras (yogic energy systems).
  • CHOOSE BODY AND MIND HABITS. We’ll dive deep into how your nervous system creates habits, as well as ways to locate and reset the ones that do not serve you.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR COMMUNICATION: Clarify and strengthen your relationship with yourself and others.
  • ENTER THE WOMB: Learn to enter the space of creativity and surrender. Learn to have faith in the unknown while staying fully conscious and capable of making supportive choices.
  • BALANCE YOUR BEING. Through up-regulation of the nervous system, conscious choice-making, and learning to create space in support of your body and life.
  • DREAM AGAIN: From the level of science, practical steps and experiential aspects to dream strong and then STEP into that dream.
  • LISTEN AND LEARNWhat is your body saying and what does she need to thrive?

Marie Pindus

The recovery for a double leg osteotomy feels like being in a long, dark, lonely tunnel. I was totally dependent and vulnerable. My commitment to healing couldn’t have happened without Sarah. She focuses on my entire body, clarifies goals, and adapts exercises to help expedite the recovery process. Sarah’s encouragement, commitment, understanding of the process, knowledge of anatomy and the body/mind connection, and her delight in seeing me improve is keeping me going and making me stronger. Through her guidance I find myself more aware of helpful and hurtful stresses (mind/body), empowering me to reflect and help myself. I always feel better after my sessions. This is something I can do for the rest of my life.”

Christine Hoey

God sent me an angel, her name is Sarah Tangredi. For over three years I felt helplessly stuck in a body of pain. Even with a diagnosis, of ‘Myofacial Pain Syndrome,’ and countless Medical Professionals we were unable to find a solution. I had no choice really, but to try something different: Yoga.

At that time I couldn’t even walk a block without getting shooting pains and burning in my legs. How could I start Yoga? I was referred to Sarah and as soon as we spoke, I knew I found the right person.

Her knowledge blows me away. She’ll ask where my pain is and uses those magical hands to reduce it immediately. She explains what’s happening within my body in simple terms and walks me through steps “I” can do to relieve my pain.

Our work spreads into every aspect of my life. I am stronger and more flexible in my body, mind, and emotions. I deal with my stress with more ease. I’m learning to approach my GOALS AND FEARS with HONESTY, LOVE, CURIOSITY, and COURAGE. My fears now have LESS POWER OVER ME.

When we started, I could not stand up to brush my teeth. Now, my husband and I ride bikes, go for long hikes, and have even zip-lined. I’m able to do Yoga Poses that before I thought, “Yeah right. Me, doing that?” but YES, I AM DOING THEM!! All this has happened for me in a very short period of time. The possibilities seem limitless! It gives me the chills to think of a pain-free life.

SARAH HELPED ME HELP MYSELF. She is guiding me, slowly but surely, to understand my Body, Mind & Stomach. How AWESOME is that?! She is just one of those SPECIAL GIFTED PEOPLE (an ANGEL) that you want AND NEED in your life.

For others who are scared or hesitant that Sarah may not be the right instructor for you, I BEG of you, Please, Please, just make ONE CALL to her, she WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

Neil Bivona

Managing Director, Restructuring – The Royal Bank of Scotland

Sarah gave me my life back. After more than a year of difficulty and pain, I was led to Sarah, who not only help me heal physically, but also positively impacted my life in so many other ways.

Sarah observed and offered small cues, which seemed so insignificant, but made such a huge difference. She taught me to stop fighting myself so I could make greater gains with less effort.

After each session, I not only felt better physically, but I left the studio with an inner feeling of tranquility and confidence that I had never experienced before.

Kerry Fisher

RYT 500, attorney

Sarah has so many skills but her most amazing talent is helping people move towards the life they dream about. She did that for me and she can do that for you too. If you have an opportunity to work with Sarah, take it! It will be one of the best decisions of your life.


More Stories

Michaela - NY

“I have taken anatomy courses/exercise science in college, and it is tested and taught in a way where you forget everything after you leave the test. The way Sarah teaches is so integrated, relatable, and easy to remember and understand.”

Nicey Berkenfeld - ERYT 500, Co-Director of YTT NY

“I wanted to say a huge thank you for sharing your passion and wealth of knowledge of anatomy with our trainees. Along with humor, you made this overwhelming subject so accessible!!

Amber Charne - RYT500, Children’s Yoga in CA, Costa Rica, Devoted to Children in Haiti

You truly crafted an incredible program. I came away full of more than I would ever have hoped for, and in a completely multi-dimensional way. What a wonderful experience and wealth of knowledge I carried on with me. Your depth of knowledge is beyond my understanding, and the program offered a perfect balance of understanding the true logistics of the intricate systems of the body while presented from a yoga perspective, covering all levels and providing so much more depth to what I do.

Blake Ketterer


I’ve been incorporating into my class what we’ve gone over, and I can see the difference in my students when I teach. I can’t even put into words how amazing it feels to witness such a transformation.

Kaye Standke

RYT, Prenatal Minneapolis, MN

Sarah! You are incredible! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend! I am so grateful for your expertise, knowledge, passion, and understanding, which made the experience absolutely wonderful! I am already applying your teachings to my own teachings–and the students notice! In deep gratitude! I hope I can continue to use you as a resource.

Laura Evenson

Owner of Natural Pathways, RYT, holistic life coach, healer

Had another breakthrough today and have you to thank for that as well. I sure don’t know what happened in class on Friday, but it’s as if you woke me out of a spell!

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Your best self is your nourished self.

Are you ready to hit pause once a month to focus on you?

At Kate Northrup’s baby blessing, her mom, Dr. Christiane Northrup, said, “We often ask, ‘How do we take care of humanity?’ If we asked, ‘How do we take care of mother earth?’ then humanity would be taken care of. We ask, ‘How can we help take care of the baby?’ If we asked, ‘How can we take care of the mother?’ then all children would be well cared for.” 

*“Depression in Women: Understanding the Gender Gap,” 2013 The Mayo Clinic

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